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"When I’m working, I am not only thinking about what is in front of me on the table, the materials I’m using, the objects and images that I set out for reference but also tapping into memories and feelings that accumulate, books and ideas I have read, notes taken, news and current events seen and heard.  I’m not interested in using any of this directly but having it close to the surface, incorporating it in an oblique way, with a sideways glance to create images that are curious and a little unsettling."


The recent series of drawings and paintings were sparked into life by moving between two places (East Devon and Gloucestershire) and not quite belonging in either. Using a combination of treasured mementos and random finds from the beach with influences of local landscape and colour Kester is exploring how different past and present worlds mingle and blur in the mind.  

Subsequent to her studies at Goldsmith’s University (BA Fine Art), Kester received a Post Graduate Printmaking Diploma from Central St Martins and has recently completed an MA in Drawing for Fine Art Practice from Oxford Brookes University.  She was born in the USA, lived in Caracas, Los Angeles and Andalucia before settling in Stroud where she now lives permenently.

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